My name is Luka Šarić. I live in Croatia and my first language is Croatian. Ever since I was little I have been interested in inventing, and because of that , I found my love for programming and robotics as early as elementary school. Continuing my interests, I enrolled in Technical school Ruđer Bošković. There I learned a lot about computers, computer networks, databases, programming, web programming & design, computer safety and operating systems... After becoming a Computer technician I enrolled in Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, where I'm aiming to graduate in Computing.
  In my free time, I enjoy playing video games with my friends, going to the gym and working on projects like this website. I'm interested in space, physics and... well programming!
  I hope to work on many interesting new projects in the future and that YOU might be a part of them!


Studying Undergraduate Professional Study in Computing

  - At Zagreb University of Applied Sciences


Computer Technician

  - Graduation from Technical school Ruđer Bošković


Cambridge Enligsh Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International and Council of Europe Level C1

  - After graduating Littera

No Work Experience

  • Programming

    School Knowledge in: C, C++, C#, Java
  • Web Programming & Design

    School Knowledge in: HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script
  • Networking

    School knowledge
  • Operating Systems

    School knowledge
  • Databases

    School knowledge
  • Computer Protection

    School knowledge

My Projects

Picture of an RFID scanner

RFID Access System Portotype

This is a rough prototype of an RFID access system made with: Arduino, C#, Web Programming and XAMPP. The have full project documentation is written in Croatian...

Screenshot of C# code

Collatz Conjecture Prototype with Multithreading

This short program was inspired by Veritasium. It's a simple program testing out Multithreading and the Collatz Conjecture...

Contact Me

+385 99 379 3201